Sun Pavilion Harrogate wedding

I’m a novice ‘blogger’! But hey let’s give it a go….

I shot a very special wedding at Harrogate Sun Pavilion (as a family member AND as a guest) with the help of my assistant photographer Natalie. So, in order to try out this whole blog thingy, I’m testing this out on my personal Facebook page – just to see how it all works. So, without lots of words, and for those of you who didn’t see the pictures, here’s just a few images of how the day went…..

MIT-1 MIT-2 MIT-3 MIT-4 MIT-5 MIT-6 MIT-16 MIT-17 T & H LMD-14  T & H LMD-11   T & H LMD-19 T & H LMD-18MIT-33MIT-32MIT-42MIT-40T & H LMD-24 MIT-43 MIT-47MIT-46T & H LMD-27 MIT-53 MIT-54 T & H LMD-30 MIT-57 MIT-60MIT-61 MIT-67 MIT-64  MIT-70 MIT-72 MIT-73 MIT-75 MIT-77 MIT-87 MIT-91 MIT-92 MIT-96 MIT-100 MIT-103 MIT-104 MIT-106 MIT-109 MIT-110 MIT-111 MIT-112T & H LMD-22MIT-129T & H Sun Pavillion-2 T & H LMD-47MIT-121 MIT-118 T & H LMD-52 MIT-86 T & H LMD-51