Richard + Clare

Last weekend I finally got to meet up with Richard & Clare their pre-wedding shoot. With the weather not behaving we timed it perfectly to wander around the beautiful valley gardens in my home town of Harrogate, which was looking very green & lush, as you’ll see from the pics…enjoy

Haworth wedding photographer Amanda Manby


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Shawny who lived in Haworth, it was there that she decided once she met her Prince Charming they would fall in love and marry in the little church in the middle of Haworth…..along came Taz (Howarth!?!), they fell in love, married in their little church & lived happily ever after….so …

Haworth pre-wedding shoot Amanda Manby photography

Taz & Shawny

When Taz & Shawny told me their wedding was taking place in Haworth, I didn’t expect it to be in the church slap bang in the middle of Haworth, Bronte sister country!! I’m delighted to say the least, who doesn’t love the quaintness of this pretty location?! So, a quick cuppa, a chat, a wander & lots of laughter…….

Bruce + Jocelyn

Bruce & Jocelyn decided on Knaresborough as their preferred location, as it was where Bruce proposed! We went right back to the actual spot…..romantic eh?! We started at the market place (Blind Jacks to be precise) then slowly made our way down to Bedra Gardens, where we had the place to ourselves, bliss! Here’s a few highlights….

Oulton hall wedding

Tim + Neha

My last wedding of 2018, what a corker! ¬†Tim and Neha tied the knot at Oulton Hall, Leeds. ’twas very cold, very Christmassy and very beautiful!! Here’s a sneak peek of the first of their wedding celebrations, to be followed by a two day ¬†traditional Indian ceremony ….perhaps I could sneak myself into their case?!

Wharfedale grange wedding photographer

Rob & Hannah

Rob & Hannah’s big day was celebrated at the very beautiful Wharfedale Grange, near Harewood, with bridesmaids, groomsmen and pageboy looking fabulous it was a perfect setting. Rob and Hannah scrubbed up quite well too!! The evening completely rocked, with a terrific band, everyone danced the night away. Rob and pals complimented the night with a little air guitar (ok …

Luke + Penny

When I first met Luke & Penny for their pre-wedding shoot, the feedback was pretty much “we don’t do mushy!”. Both stressing how important it was to spend as much time as they could with their friends and family, avoiding being centre of attention (quite tricky on your wedding day!) and not posing for too many photos, so that’s pretty …

Tom + Hannah

When a northern gal meets a southern lad, love happens. So privileged to be able to share Tom & Hannah’s day, amongst some of my oldest friends ( and now new!). Here’s how their day went.

Luke & Penny

Not a soul in sight, except these two (& me of course with a camera) taking a stroll around a secluded reservoir…..that’s pretty romantic, for two that ‘don’t do romance!”

Rob + Hannah

‘Golden hour’ on Otley Chevin, doesn’t get better than this.